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Kaleidoscope Health Ventures is an economic-development firm that aims to build sustainable healthy neighborhoods and world-class health innovation clusters promoting inclusive innovation, talent, and wellness. KHV brings together leading startups, partners, investors, and talent to address socioeconomic and health issues while providing high-value services to support a new wave of life sciences startups and healthcare solutions. This novel approach creates an intersection of new health solutions and healthy communities to drive wellness and longevity for all. KHV achieves this by connecting cross-sector partners, converging best-in-class health and wellness models, and cultivating new initiatives that accelerate the commercialization of new technologies.

Sheba ARC Innovation Center partnership

Known for pioneering Coronavirus (COVID-19) telehealth, one of the world's top ten medical centers will establish its first North American Innovation Hub on the Chicago lakefront. More about our Sheba ARC Innovation Center partnership

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